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Thank you for visiting the Los Angeles section of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America (MBCA). MBCA is comprised of 84 sections that span the U.S. and Canada. The Los Angeles section has numerous events throughout the year and this website is here to keep you abreast of these activities. Our goal is to have something for everyone. Social gatherings, car shows, driving events, tech sessions - if we're not doing it, and it's an event you'd like to see happen, email us and we'll see if it's possible.

If you're not a member, take a look around and see what we have to offer. Across the top of each page is a blue navigation bar that can be used to visit the different areas of this site. If you like what you see, please consider joining the Los Angeles section. Our goal is to add to your driving experience.

From The President's Desk


inter is upon us. Or is it spring? Or summer? The weather has been so wonderful this winter that I get to drive my new OLD Mercedes much more than I expected. Ahhhh, back to the beginning . . . . . .

A few months ago, at the prep center event in Long Beach, I saw an old Mercedes 1991 560-SEL for sale. I got to meet the owners, Donald and Donna Halliday. A lovely young couple (He's 91 years young and she's a little younger) who showed me the car and took me for a spin. That was it. I was hooked. On the one hand, the car was immaculate! The cleanest 560-SEL I've seen in years. On the other hand, the car had 207,000 miles on it. Don knew more about the car than most mechanics and did all the maintenance himself. And it shows.

So I took the plunge and bought it. After fixing a couple of small oil leaks (Which I knew about before I bought the car) the car now rides like a wonderful old, squeaky, smelly, heavy, poor handling, gas guzzling, under-powered luxury car that it once was in its glory days. I LOVE IT!

If you've been hesitating on taking the plunge on your dream Mercedes, new or old, its time. It's time to buy your dream car and it's time to join our wonderful club events where your car and your presence will be greatly appreciated. I am looking forward to seeing you at future events and look out for that older beige 1991 560-SEL!

Amir Rudyan, President

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