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Thank you for visiting the Los Angeles section of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America (MBCA). MBCA is comprised of 84 sections that span the U.S. and Canada. The Los Angeles section has numerous events throughout the year and this website is here to keep you abreast of these activities. Our goal is to have something for everyone. Social gatherings, car shows, driving events, tech sessions - if we're not doing it, and it's an event you'd like to see happen, email us and we'll see if it's possible.

If you're not a member, take a look around and see what we have to offer. Across the top of each page is a blue navigation bar that can be used to visit the different areas of this site. If you like what you see, please consider joining the Los Angeles section. Our goal is to add to your driving experience.

From The President's Desk


t’s Spring! Its Green! Let’s go driving! Ladies and Gentlemen. Dust off your cars, and start your engines . . . .

On March 18th, we visited the Old Town Music Hall in El Segundo. We learned a lot about the 104-year-old Wurlitzer. (A very impressive music instrument). We then watched a couple of silent movies with the Wurlitzer providing the background music. The movies we saw were old silent movies from the 1920s. The Wurlitzer operator was even older! Nonetheless, he never missed a beat!

On April 22nd, we had a beautiful drive up to lake Hughes where we visited Shadowland foundation and got to pet wolves. (Check our website for amazing pictures!) www.la-mbca.com/events From there we drove on to Quail Run Ostrich Farm to feed the ostriches. We then met for lunch at Rock inn. The weather and scenery were spectacular. Thank you to Brigitte and Craig Trapp for organizing this wonderful driving event.

On June 2nd and 3rd the Orange County Section will be hosting the Southwest Regional Mercedes Benz Club Event. (See more info in the newsletter.

On July 19th we will be visiting the Burbank Auto show. It takes place at Burbank from 3:00 PM to 9:00 pm. We’ll meet at 4:00 pm at the Starbucks located at 300 N. San Fernando Blvd, Burbank. See more info in this newsletter.

Folks, we’re not done yet. So keep your engines warm, because on August 12th we will be going on a long drive to Vista California to visit the West Coast Clock and Watch Museum and the Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum (Both located at the same location) and thereafter tour the Mission at San Juan Capistrano. This will be a long but fun day. (See more details in this newsletter)

On September 16-17 we will drive through Frazier Mountain ending up in Los Olivos at Central Coast Winery for a wine tour & tasting. Lunch will be at Jocko’s. This is a two-day trip! At this time, final details are still being worked out. (for complete event info, see detailed information elsewhere in this newsletter)

Other exciting news:
For your convenience, you can now RSVP and PAY for our events through www.Motorsportreg.com. What’s even nicer, is that you will be able to see other club’s events listed there as well and others will be able to see our events. To RSVP and/or pay for a specific event via Motorsportreg.com please click the link listed on each event’s page. It will take you directly to that event’s RSVP and Payment options.

We launched a new Instagram account, @mbclubla. To find us on Facebook, please search for @mbclubla as well. Thank you Chase! To view/join, please go to: www.instagram.com/mbclubla/. If you would like something posted to our Instagram and/or Facebook account, please email these items directly to our Vice President, Chase, at chasemk@gmail.com.

Amir Rudyan, President

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