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The Southwest Star

Current issue of Southwest Star Magazine

The Southwest Star Magazine allows you to follow Mercedes-Benz news and events.

If you've never seen a digital publication and this is all new, in 15 minutes you can be an expert. To open a magazine, click the photo. Once the magazine is open, it can be closed by clicking the CLOSE icon on the upper right. To turn the pages, click either the page forward icon on the right side of the screen or the page back icon on the left side of the screen. If you have a keyboard, you can also use the left and right arrows to change pages.

Once open, the magazine has a toolbar on the upper left. The top icon in the toolbar allows you to zoom in on a page. One click zooms in, the second click returns it to the normal size. The second icon is a page overview. It allows you to get a brief look at what you can find in the magazine. It's also a shortcut for quick navigation to a specific page. The third icon allows you to download the magazine as a PDF. The last icon is for social media. Hover over it and you will have four choices; Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and email.

Lastly, where can you read The Southwest Star? Everywhere there is Internet access; on your PC, laptop, tablet, netbook, phone, hybrid, or even your navigation system. To receive an email notification when new issues are released drop us a note.

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