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The January Show and Shine

In January we had our show and shine. Our events chairperson, Tina Wright, was able to track us down a suitable meeting place. We spent a couple of hours greeting one another and looking at cars. Tina was even kind enough to bring us coffee from the local Starbucks. Afterwards, a number of us went to breakfast at a local restaurant.

These are a few photos from the show and shine.

From left to right - Paul, Alan, Craig and Tina, with Craig's 250SE cabriolet.

It was originally a German market car, that was shipped to the U.S.

Another view, with the top down. Craigs 250SE is a beautiful car, and he has owned it over 35 years.

This is Scott's 190D

Many car's have a story. Scott's sister bought a house, and this car was included in the purchase.

The front fenders, hood, and trunk lid have been replaced. In the trunk was an original tool kit.

While the engine was out being rebuilt, Scott painted and detailed the engine compartment.
The green in the engine bay will eventually be the shade used for the rest of the car.

Martha brought her E320 cabriolet.

A press of a button starts the roof in motion.

The engine compartment is as clean as the rest of the car.

Sean brough his 250 SE 3.5 coupe

(left to right) While Craig and Sean discuss differences between
Craig's early cabriolet and Craig's late coupe, Sean's son is digitally entertained.

Sean's SE is showroom fresh.

Robert and Paul by Robert's CL55.

The supercharged V8 in Robert's CL55.

The CL55 interior.

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