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The March 2011 Event

Several Mercedes-Benz vehicles were seen following a very odd, circuitous route in the South Bay / Long Beach area. The suspicious occupants appeared to be looking over various buildings and taking notes. The local constable, Barney Fife, identified this highly unusual Sunday morning activity as the Southern California MBCA Rallye. Fans of Mayberry RFD know he's probably right, not much gets by him.

This year's rallye was approximately forty-three miles. Each car had a driver and at least one navigator. Some adventurous types opted for more than one navigtor. I'm not sure whether that was an advantage. Have you ever been lost? It's bad enough driving in circles while by yourself. Can you envision having two people remind you that you've passed the same house three times?

The City of Long Beach was semi-blocked off for the upcoming Long Beach Gran Prix. Streets that ordinarily ran for miles, had overnight barricades installed. However, the quick witted Deputy Fife left just enough streets open for us to reach our destination - The Yard House Restaurant.

The Yard House was a fantastic choice. Good food, good parking, and did I mention the streets leading to it weren't blocked off? Once inside, we were treated to lunch and awards. Nadine Schwartz and Tina Wright deserve personal awards for putting this together.

MBCA at the Yard House

Yes, that IS a B-Class in southern California

The early arrvals

ooooh la la

The beauty of the coupe

The paint is fantastic.

In the Yard House restaurant

The third place winners

Second place winners

First place winners

Everyone who attended was a winner

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