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The October 2011 Event
In October, Your favorite car club toured the Reagan Presidential Library

Our trip to the Reagan Presidential Library was fantastic. We really have to give our event coordinator, Tina Wright, a special thank you for putting this together. All of Tina's events are enjoyable, but this was stupendous. The event started with members being directed to VIP parking in a "Mercedes-Benz only" section of the employee lot. After we were all gathered together, we were broken up into three "tour sized" groups. Each of the groups were led by a docent supplied by The Library. Many of us have previously visited the Reagan Library, but attending with a guide is a completely different experience. The docents recounted the historical background behind various exhibits, so that they could be viewed as intricate parts of a story. The docents were so good, they made waiting in line to board Air Force One interesting. The two hour tour seemed to go by in a flash. After the tour, many of us got together for lunch at the library. It was a great time to catch up with old friends. Afterwards, some of us went back through the library for a second viewing.

Here are some photos from the outing.

Reproductions of a different era.

The world leaders of that time.

Two sides of the Berlin Wall.

Air Force One and Marine One

Artwork and the Presidential Motorcade

The grounds and views from The Library

The tomb of our 40th President

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