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The January Show and Shine

Our January Show and Shine was another successful outing. Tina Wright was able to secure a spot with plenty of parking, and the members did the rest. We spent a couple of hours ogling some of the finer cars around.

Here are a few photos.

You never know who will show up at a Show and Shine. Here we have a row of the newest looking older cars I've seen outside of a museum.

Everything at the Show and Shine had a stately appearance, but not all the cars were older models.
George and Debbie arrived in this showroom condition W212 based E350 Sport.

In fact, not everything at the Show and Shine originated in Germany. Kevin and Tina's newest addition is a Shelby GT500-KR. The original Shelby "KR"s were King of the Road. In the upper-left is a photo of this car's 550 horsepower supercharged V8. This may still be King of the Road.

What to do if you own TWO '71 280SEs? One coupe and one cab.

And what if they're BOTH impeccably restored?

Well, you could call your brother in law, and have him drive one while you drive the other. That's what Vic and John did.

Dave's 190 SL

This is one beautiful 280 SL.

Or is it two?

To the casual observer, the interiors differed slightly.

If it weren't for the shade, I'd think I had double vision.

A very nice 200 was on hand.

Where does one get a set of period-correct black license plates?

Steve's Ponton is magnificent.

Stunning from every angle. Inside and out.

There's "clean", and then there is "Uber Clean"

The engine compartment is as clean as the day it was built. It literally appears to have zero miles.

The interior is also in showroom condition.

Eventually, we all had other places to be.

A special thanks to Tina and Kevin for giving us the space and bringing the coffee. Thanks to everyone who participated. It was great having a chance to see your cars. To those who couldn't make it, we hope to see you at our next get outing.

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