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Our 2013 Octoberfest event took us to the Petersen Automotive Museum.

For Octoberfest, the Petersen featured

  • An outdoor area with live music and activities for the kids
  • The Steingarten Restaurant, which had brats & beverages
  • German car dealers brought new vehicles
  • Owners of German special interest vehicles brought them out for display

And of course, there was the museum itself. Your Los Angeles section visited the Petersen a little over two years ago. However, the Petersen has rotating exhibits. That makes it somewhat like a movie theater; although we're familiar with the venue, the shows are always new.

We snapped a few photos for those who couldn't attend.

At the Petersen, visitors are invited to walk through, not by, exhibits and dioramas to experience
settings of early Los Angeles where the world's first shopping district was designed.

Like this '39 Pontiac in front of the grocer

Or this customized 1940 Cadillac. This model was customized by John D'Agostino for actress Sophia Loren

Speaking of movies, have you ever wondered how some chase scenes are filmed? The Petersen had a display which answered
that question; a motorcycle with a customized side car. The side car has one seat facing forward and another rearward.

One of the two rotating exhibits was "Fins: Form without function". In addition to the cars of that
time, fins were used on some boats. This boat has the same styling as an early 50's Cadillac.

The second exhibit was "Pickups: The art of utility". The exhibit illustrated how vehicles with such modest
and practical beginnings have matured and become the high-tech luxury transportation in use today.

An original Ranchero

A Dodge Power Wagon, whose bed rotated independently of the cab.

A '41 Studebaker Coupe Delivery

Outside we had those German special interest vehicles mentioned earlier. For this SL, no introduction is necessary.

An early 70's 911 passing much newer Porsches.

A 72 or 73 Porsche Carrera RS next to a Porsche slant nose turbo from the 1980's. What a difference 10 years makes.

After an enjoyable event, it was time to say goodbye.

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