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The Deer Park Winery and Auto Museum

In September we paid a visit to the Deer Park Winery and Auto Museum. Deer Park annually produces and releases award-winning estate wines and their weekend wine tasting has been rated one of the top things to do in San Diego County.

Deer Park's Auto Museum tells the story of Americana, centered around a century of automobile production. The collection begins with the carriages of the 1800's and flows through the muscle cars of the 1970's. Featured across more than three buildings are a collection that includes Studebakers, Packards, Pierce Arrow, the 3-wheeled Messershmitz auto, the "Mad Man Muntz" mobile, the "unsafe at any speed" Corvair, and countless others. They also have the ads. Not just magazine ads, but huge 3 by 4 foot (and larger) banners that describe what was new for the upcoming year. For example, the '49 Buicks had 22% more glass. Not to be left out, '49 Fords offered 'sofa wide seats' and 100 HP V8s. The '57 Chrysler 300C offered "sports car thrills and living room comfort".

In addition to cars, Deer Park has Coca-Cola memorabilia, vintage radios, TVs, bicycles, household appliances, a Barbie doll collection, motorcycles, a Wurlitzer, pedal cars, gas pumps, . . . . the list just doesn't end. Remember computers that needed stacks of punch cards or phonographs that spun at 78 rpm?

The Los Angeles Section covered the museum entrance fee and brought cheese and crackers. A couple of bottles of wine were also purchased for the group - but only for passengers. Drivers were restricted to non-alcoholic beverages.

Special thanks to our Deer Park host team of Clark, Phil, Ben and his teenage daughter Tiffany. They were quite hospitable and very informative.

We've attached some photos for those who were unable to attend.















An extra special thanks should be given to the board members who work so hard to arrange these events.

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